INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES a college of Aviation were its starts to Fly its Wings towards educational on Jan 2012 for the welfare and awareness of Students society to the modern job oriented course, in a simple word of a great poet MAHAKAVI BHARATHIAR is motto is "EDUCATE TO ELEVATE", OUR Vision not only yet its also follow the words of Dr.A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM Our former President of India a great follower of Bharathiar words about the dreams of education to all.

Our slogan is " JOIN WITH US FLY WITH US " To reach the top of the modern job orient course and career to elevate the illiteracy.

IPMS college of Aviation, Trivandrum (KL13 I 215) is Affiliated a Partner institute of Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.1st Rank in State level and 14th in National level(Re-accredited at the "A" Grade Level by NAAC).


IPMS is an academy of par excellence that focuses in creating highly self motivated professionals in several disciplines. To make a successful career in today's competitive world one has to be trained to the extent of paramount perfection and performance.

IPMS dips deeper that what others do when it comes to shaping out quality training and grooming. With its best faculty and strong commitment this temple of excellence has created professionals out of the raw enrolments. Graduates & Postgraduate programs in Aviation, Airport and Airline, Logistic and Hotel Management and Management courses here are handled by the professionals themselves in the segment to make sure that the wards get higher-end and experience oriented understanding on the subjects form the on-the-job hands. With IPMS you can aspire for more.

The Centre for Participatory Programmes

The Centre for Participatory Programmes was established by the syndicate of Bharathiar University on April 23rd 2008 in accordance with the provisions of Bharathiar University Act 1981(Tamil Nadu University Act of 1982) Under the School of Distance with permission to identity and approve institutions to offer various Under Graduate and Post Graduate degree and Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma as participatory programmes utilizing their facilities and faculties into a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU).

Participatory Programmes is an alternative to the formal education available to those who wish to join and pursue the programme of their choice in a regular mode , utilizing all the facilities and faculty available to regular students in an institution of their choice, but also on weekends without affecting their opted commitments and working hours on working days. This programmes enhances student intake in an institution in a year, maximize utilization of resources , provide opportunities to pursue education. To provide an opportunity for the deprived students to enroll in a programme of their choice.

To provide an opportunity for those students enrolled for a regular programme in a college to concurrently register for another programme of their choice and acquire dual degree in same year. To provide quality education for those who could not enroll for regular programmes in educational institutions.


Up close interaction with the industries and segments concerned so that the students gets what is most essential when hiring parameters are set forth.

Very well qualified faculty members and management team with clear vision and mission.

Teaching beyond what is on syllabus and involving with social and humanitarian causes.

Continuous evaluations and additional classes for those who desire for more.


Regular Degree Courses with Semester Pattern

On Campus Exam Centre

Credit Based Choice System

On Campus Placement Assistance

Scholarship Eligble Students

Providing Foreign language Teaching

International Dress Code

Experienced Teaching Faculty