An aviation job is useful for those individuals who are passionate to work in an aviation industry and wish to explore the wide-range job opportunities available. An applicant must be well aware of all the various positions available in the aviation industry before making a decision to join, and for this, the description of an aviation job proves beneficial. It covers the essential information and appropriate data regarding the job related responsibilities, total years of experience and skills required to work for various positions in the airline industry.

This degree also trains students in engineering, and electronics, teaching students to run, fly, design, manage, and operate aviation systems all over the world. Careers are available in all fields of the aviation sector, including flight planning, support and operations, airport and airline management, government and regulatory oversight, and aviation research and development.


Today, successful companies rely on the skills of supply chain management professionals to keep their goods and services flowing to the marketplace quickly, efficiently, and as cost-effective as possible. Supply chain management is a bright spot among up-and-coming careers, with employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries, in firms of all sizes. If you're interested in a challenging career with a variety of specializations, as well as prospects for advancement, you might want to check out supply chain management.

Skilled logistics managers are in demand because of their ability to spot complications and create effective solutions - all in support of a company's objectives. Supply chain management professionals fulfill roles that offer a multitude of employment opportunities, which can be divided into two general areas:


Working in office environments, these supply chain managers are involved in areas such as inventory control, forecasting demand, and handling customer service issues.


Often located in distribution facilities, port terminals and operations centers, these jobs involve day-to day management of people and the flow of products.


This speciality includes supply chain analysts, planners, and project managers, who use analytical and quantitative methods to manage the supply chain process. They typically focus on performance improvements and identifying potential problems.


Job titles include fulfillment supervisor, distribution center supervisor or distribution team leader. They are often responsible for receiving, storing and shipping products, and typically supervise teams focused on these activities.


Roles include purchasing manager, acquisitions manager and buyer. Professionals in these positions typically direct buying activities, locate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and coordinate materials management.

Storage and Distribution:

Known as warehouse operations managers, directors of logistics, or warehouse and delivery managers, these supply chain management professionals are skilled in inventory management; from receiving and storing goods, to filling orders across town or around the globe.

Customer Service:

Also known as customer order managers and logistics or distribution coordinators, these professionals plan and direct activities of customer service teams, to ensure accurate orders, efficient shipments, and timely delivery of products.


Airport Ground Staff performs the task of paying attention to the airport operations, especially the complex kind of jobs that include regulation of safety measures and proper management of passenger parking, fire safety measures and maintenance of finance related matters.

Flight Attendant - 'Flight Attendants' are one of the essential members of a flight crew who are an integral part of most of the major airlines that work for the corporate sector. The major responsibilities of a flight attendant is to take care of the medical emergencies that arise during the times of emergency, for example, providing immediate assistance for activities like flight evacuation and water ditching.


1). Check-in agent

2). Mishandled Baggage Agent

3). Ramp Service Agent

4). Ramp Supervisor

5). Baggage Supervisor

6). Guest Service Agent

7). Customer Care Agent

8). Security Officers

9). Airport Sales Agent

10). Cargo Coordinator

11). Cargo Customer Services

12). Cargo Manager